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In 2012 this country came together to celebrate the success of our athletes at the Olympic and Paralympic Games in London.

More than any other recent event, the Olympics reminded us what we have in common as a nation and what we can achieve when we nurture the talent and potential of all our people from every background, community and region.

We believe the same spirit and the same values now need to be applied to how we manage austerity and how the Government makes its cuts to public spending.

We believe it is wrong, unfair and divisive that less affluent area and cities are facing much bigger cuts than more affluent ones.

Liverpool is losing £252 per head in cuts. Manchester is losing £209, Newcastle is losing £162, Birmingham is losing £166, and Sheffield is losing £140 per head.

These cities, and others like them, are working hard to rebuild their economies, tackle deep-rooted problems and play their part in putting Britain back on its feet. Disproportionate cuts now will undermine their efforts, impact unfairly on poorer communities and families, and divide and damage our country.

We believe there is a moral case for fairness in the cuts.

We are calling on the Government to urgently rethink its policy and to apply the cuts more fairly across the country, protecting those most in need, and making sure those in wealthy parts of the country pay their fair share.

If you agree, sign our petition, and join the thousands of people who are demanding a fair deal from the Government for everyone in Britain.